AS3/N Tile Engine Update

Thursday, 23 August 2007 | Labels: , , , , | |

Major update:

  • All AABB/Tile collision code done
  • All ray/Tile/AABB code done (see keyboard instructions below)
  • Scrolling! Level can be as big as you like (bound by the length of array). Because each tile in the map is only a reference to a single instance of that type the engine is very memory efficient.
The .SWF can be downloaded here.

The .EXE player version (incorporated the latest beta player) can be downloaded here.

The source can be found in a previous post.

  • Cursor: Move Player
  • Space: Add/Reset boxes
  • Enter: Apply random energy to boxes
  • Left click: Shoot ray, intersects with tiles, affects boxes
  • CTRL Left click: Place move player to mouse

To do:
  • Some serious physics engine improvements
  • Projectiles
  • AI (pathfinding, flocking etc)
  • Particle engine


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