Why am I writing this Engine?

Tuesday, 11 September 2007 | Labels: , , , | |

It is after all, quite distinct in its capabilities. Well the answer is a game called Exile, originally written of the BBC Micro in the 80's.

I wont repeat what is already written about this game, probably the best summary is this fantastic tribute site: http://exile.acornarcade.com/

The Game Development page is a great read.

This engine is my attempt to re-create this game, 20 years on, in the browser.

Exile Engine Demo

Note: This version (the .exe) uses the latest player + hardware accelerated full screen

WASD : Thrust
Mouse : Aim
Left Click : Fire
R : Remember Teleport Location
T : Teleport to last remembered location
Cursor : Pan map

There are two types of enemy turrets here. The one the surface to the right is a heat seeker, the other 3 are standard ballistics. I have plans for over 10 different ammunition types (that's the fun part to write!)


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  2. Waseem says:

    hey, i've been reading your blog and your engine looks pretty cool. how different is your engine from ape and all the other engines? do you have any sourcefiles released for that game? i'd like to play around with it in flash