Tile Engine Update v0.1

Tuesday, 28 August 2007 | Labels: , , , , | |

Big update:

  • Completely new collision resolution code, much more stable.
  • The physics system in much more flexible, it also includes mass in the calculations now.
  • Projectile system improved. Projectiles die out after a certain time (with various effects). The system allows a great variety of weapons to be implemented using one class.
  • Projectile explosions impart force on surrounding object (you can have fun with this and the boxes)
  • First attempt at an Enemy AI gun turret. The turret uses a ballistics solver to calculate the two angles it can hit the player with, and then fires. I'll write an entry on this, I'm going to extend this to take into account relative velocities.
  • The projector (.exe) version now uses the latest beta flash player.

Controls (focus window first):
  • A,W,S,D : Thrust Player
  • Left Click : Fire weapon in direction on mouse cursor
  • CTRL Left CLick : Shoot ray
  • SPACE : Add non-player 'boxes' to interact with
  • ENTER : Add random force to boxes
Available here as: